Are You Idling?

~Proverbs 19:15 Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.

Have you ever gotten angry because you flunked a test? It didn’t matter that you hadn’t studied for the test or that you studied very little. You were angry nonetheless, right? You’re angry with the results of your failure to do something you know you should have done. Sometimes you just can’t blame anyone else but yourself, even though you try.

When you put your car in Park and you leave it running, you’re idling. Your engine is running but you’re not moving at all. Today’s verse makes it clear what happens to the person whose life is on “Park.” The first part of the verse says that laziness causes a person to sleep. You know how you feel when you’re sleepy? You’re lethargic and you aren’t motivated to do anything. That’s exactly what laziness produces.

The verse continues to talk about the person who doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do will be hungry. Everything we choose to do in life is based on this fact. The choices we make are based on this fact. If a farmer doesn’t plant vegetables or care for his cattle, he won’t have anything in the Fall. He will go hungry. It’s the same thing with how you plan your life right now. If you procrastinate and are lazy in your studies, you will not be able to reap a harvest of knowledge at graduation time. Your college choices will be minimal because you didn’t take care of getting good grades early. Good colleges demand good grades from applicants.

Do you study because you want the rewards that will come in a few years from now? Or do you live for the moment and suffer the consequences of flunking? It is easier to make the right choices now than to fail in the future and deal with that failure. Think twice before you decide to put pleasure over doing what’s right.