A Wise Teen Girl

Proverbs 11:29 “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.”

Where can you find a teenager with wisdom? You can find her reading her Bible and obeying what God teachers her. She thinks of others rather than herself. She is out there 🙂

Unfortunately, most teen girls are absorbed with music, boys and clothing, not necessarily in that order. This teen girl troubleth her own house. She is self-centered and only wants her way. So just what does “troubleth his own house” mean?

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary’s definitions shed light and give much more meaning to what we are reading than modern-day dictionaries. His definition of “troubleth” is:

1. To agitate; to disturb; to put into confused motion.

Are you the type of teen girl who “brings trouble” to her house? Do you bring agitation and disturbance into your home? Do you bring confusion into your home?

The fool does all these things. I found it quite interesting that Solomon would add the rest of the verse – “shall inherit the wind”! Have you ever seen the cartoon where someone turned on an occilating fan in an classroom where the desks were filled with paper? What a catastrophe that produced! It’s like a hurricane hit the room! I believe this is what Solomon was trying to portray here. I think of the teen girl who is never happy with her circumstances and is always complaining. She “troubleth her own house” and creates a whirl wind of trouble. She reaps what she sows.

On the other hand, the Christian teen girl who is wise is quite the opposite. The wise person’s home is peaceful. True peace can only be had when we are truly born-again and are displaying the fruit of the Spirit. Noah’s definition of wise is:

1. Properly, having knowledge; hence, having the power of discerning and judging correctly, or of discriminating between what is true and what is false; between what is fit and proper, and what is improper; as a wise prince; a wise magistrate. Solomon was deemed the wisest man. But a man may be speculatively and not practically wise. Hence,2. Discrete and judicious in the use or applications of knowledge; choosing laudable ends, and the best means to accomplish them. This is to be practically wise. Gen 41.

Does the foolish teen girl display such wisdom? Of course not. The foolish teen girl is busy doing the opposite and turning on that occilating fan at home which produces nothing but chaos. There’s no peace in that home. It is not to say that a born-again Christian cannot be a fool. We have all done foolish things at one time or another. But the believer should be growing – moving forward in the Lord – seeking to better herself and becoming more Christ-like.

Are you the foolish Christian teen girl today or the wise Christian? Better yet, are you the unsaved fool? The Word says that the unsaved fool who will not listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be likened to the Christian witness casting his pearls (the Gospel) to swine (the unsaved). Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. (Mat 7:6 ) Instead, the unsaved fool thinks she is spiritually OK – the unsaved fool goes to church, knows the scriptures, does the motions but her actions speak louder than words. She is one of the hypocrites that Jesus speaks of.

Are you causing chaos at home, teen girl? First off, are you truly born again? If you are, ask the Lord to forgive you then go to your parents and ask their forgiveness as well. Make things right with those who live in your home. Then, with the Holy Spirit’s help, read your Bible and practice what God teaches you in His Word.